Ever since Making a Murderer became the show that transfixed a nation, Netflix has been taking very seriously the draw of the docu-series, and the two newest entries on its roster sound downright riveting.

The streaming service announced on Thursday that it will debut two original true crime series at the start of next year. Rotten (Jan. 5) will focus on the seedy underbelly of the food industry, with episodes about food fraud, illegal fishmongering, and "a David-and-Goliath tale of loyalty, betrayal and revenge on the American garlic scene." A second series, Dirty Money, debuts Jan. 26 and will explore corporate scandals and corruption, including the secrets of TRUMP, Inc and a deep dive into the infamous Canadian cartel conflict that was behind the heist of $20 million worth of maple syrup.

Both series boast impressive pedigrees: Rotten is coming from the same team that produced Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown and The Mind of a Chef, while Dirty Money is the brainchild of Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney at its helm. Gibney also directed the series' first episode, which examines corruption at Volkswagen.

Rotten and Dirty Money both debut with six episodes each in January 2018.