Lily Tomlin must be having the best day ever. It turns out that even before Grace and Frankie 's second season has aired, Netflix has already renewed the comedy for another season, according to The Hollywood Reporter.The news broke the same day Tomlin was nominated for a Golden Globe in her role as Frankie.

The comedy, which has yet to announce a release date for its second season next year, stars Tomlin and Jane Fonda as newly divorced roommates bound together after learning that their husbands are much more than law partners.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin say they're okay with Grace and Frankie gender pay disparity

Despite some so-so critical reviews, the show is rare in portraying zestful women in their 70s — hooking up, smoking herb, dancing in bars — and has found fans, including, somewhat improbably, one Miley Cyrus.

Grace and Frankie will get 13 more episodes for 2017.

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