Early concept art for The Magic School Bus 360° Early concept art for The Magic School Bus 360°

Netflix is reviving The Magic School Bus, the long-running series that helped make science cool for kids in the '90s, The New York Times reports.

The streaming service ordered 26 half-hour episodes of The Magic School Bus 360°, created and produced by Scholastic Media, for worldwide streaming. Unlike the original series, the Netflix reboot will use computer-generated animation.

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The reboot, which will be made available in 2016, will feature a modernized Ms. Frizzle, who will take her class on trips on an updated bus. The young kids will also use newer scientific tools in their adventures, such as robots.

In addition to The Magic School Bus, last year Netflix also acquired the rights to the Scholastic series Clifford the Big Red Dog and Goosebumps. 
Watch episodes of the original Magic School Bus here.