Good and bad are only "relative concepts" according to the trailer for Netflix's upcoming drama Narcos, but we'll let you be the judge.

The trailer gives just a hint of the bribes, shootouts, and...running in flip-flops, that make up the '80s-set drug drama.

Take a look:

Narcos is the true story of law enforcement's efforts to stop the drug kingpins of the late 1980s, with a special focus on the cocaine market. Casting for the series includes Brazilian actor Wagner Moura (Elysium) as the dangerous Pablo Escobar, and Game of Thrones' Pedro Pascal (starting around the 1:30 mark) and Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl) as real-life DEA agents Javier Peña and Steve Murphy.

All 10 episodes of Narcos will begin streaming on Netflix on Friday, Aug. 28.

Will you be watching Narcos?