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Here's Your Stellar First Look at Netflix's Lost in Space Reboot

The Robinsons' hopeful mission goes way off course

Keisha Hatchett

There's danger ahead for the Robinson family in Netflix's Lost in Space reboot.

This modern remake of the classic '60s sci-fi series takes place 30 years into the future when colonization in space is a real possibility. With Earth no longer safe for habitation, the Robinsons are among those selected to search for a better world somewhere beyond.

However, their hopeful mission takes a turn for the worse when they're thrown off course and crash-land on an unknown planet. Stranded alongside two strangers, everyone is forced to work together in order to survive in this alien and potentially dangerous new environment.

The series stars Toby Stephens as expedition commander and family patriarch Jack Robinson; Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, a brilliant aerospace engineer who makes the decision to send the family to space; and Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall and Maxwell Jenkins as their three kids. Parker Posey also stars as Dr. Smith, a master manipulator whose endgame is currently unknown. Plus, Ignacio Serricchio joins the crew as Don West, a charming contractor who smuggles luxury goods on the side.

Robot, a stable character from the original series, will also appear albeit in a more updated form.

Lost in Space lands on Netflix on Friday, April 13.

Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall; Lost in Space

Taylor Russell, Mina Sundwall; Lost in Space

Courtesy of Netflix