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Netflix's Locke & Key: A List of All the Keys in Season 1

A guide to what keys have been found and what they do

Sadie Gennis

[Warning: The following contains mild spoilers for Locke & Key Season 1. Read at your own risk!]

Netflix's Locke & Key, the anticipated adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's comic book series of the same name, has finally arrived after a decade-long journey to screen. The fantasy-drama tells the story of the Locke children -- Tyler (Connor Jessup), Kinsey (Emilia Jones), and Bode (Jackson Robert Scott) -- who move to their ancestral home, Keyhouse, after their father's murder. There, they discover a series of magical keys, each with its own unique ability, that they become the keepers of and must fight to protect from falling into the hands of the demon Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira).

Over the course of Season 1's 10 episodes, the Locke kids learn of a dozen keys (although, those are far from the only keys in existence). While nearly all of the keys are taken directly from Hill and Rodriguez's award-winning comics, there are a few wholly originally keys featured in the Netflix drama as well. Here are all the keys shown in Locke & Key so far.

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Emilia Jones, Connor Jessup, and Jackson Robert Scott; Locke & Key
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

1. The Matchstick Key, which allows you to set fire to the surface of anything the key touches and is one of the few original keys invented for the show.

2. The Anywhere Key, which allows you to travel through any door in the world that you've seen before.

3. The Mirror Key, which grants passage into the hard-to-escape-from prison of the self, and is another original invention for this show.

4. The Echo Key, which allows you to bring someone back from the dead as an "echo" of themselves in the Keyhouse well house. But if the echo leaves through the well house door, their spirit returns to wherever it came from.

5. The Ghost Key, which allows your spirit to separate from your body when the key is placed inside the Ghost Door in Keyhouse. When your soul reenters Keyhouse through the Ghost Door, your spirit rejoins your body.

6. The Head Key, which allows you to go inside someone's head. Once the door to someone's head has been created, you're able to go inside (and bring others), where you can interact with memories as well as remove or add things, including memories, knowledge, or emotions.

7. The Music Box Key, which allows you to control people through voice commands.

8. The Plant Key, which can control plant matter and unlocks the garden of Duncan's stolen memories.

9. The Mending Key, which opens a cabinet inside Keyhouse that will fix anything that isn't beyond repair.

10. The Identity Key, which allows you to transform your appearance. However, you can't use The Identity Key to turn into someone who exists or used to exist. This was known as The Skin Key in the comics.

11. The Shadow Key, which, when combined with the Crown of Shadows, allows you to control shadow monsters.

12. The Omega Key, which opens the Black Door in the caves underneath Keyhouse that leads to a world of demons.

Locke & Key Season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.