If you opened Netflix April 1, you may have noticed a lot more John Stamos-related content than usual. In addition to a trailer for a documentary series about the Fuller House and Grandfathered actor, there were new genre categories like "Documentaries John Stamos Thinks You Should Watch" and "Reality TV John Stamos Totally Watches But Denies It If You Ask Him."

Later in the day, People pretended to report on a supposed leaked video of Stamos throwing a tantrum in Netflix's office when he found out the documentary series was an April Fool's joke.

The whole thing is an April Fool's joke, a very meta take on how brands participate in trending topics like April Fool's Day, a holiday that started as bored office workers playing small pranks on each other and ballooned into a grating annual ritual of companies attempting to drum up positive sentiment by deceiving their customers.

Watch the video if you must, but put headphones on if you're at work because there's swearing.