NeNe Leakes, Star Jones NeNe Leakes, Star Jones

NeNe Leakes appeared on Monday's episode of Today to face questions about her Celebrity Apprentice departure from a firing squad of Ann Curry, Al Roker and Natalie Morales. NeNe seemed to place most of the blame on fellow contestant Star Jones and how she is, say it with me if you've watched the past three episodes, very manipulative. She also said she felt backstabbed by Star, with whom she hung out when the cameras weren't rolling. There's nothing like a foundation in actual reality to make reality TV sting worse.

Watch Star bash NeNe on Ellen

 NeNe explained that what it comes down to is: "Women of domestic abuse, our slogan is: if the situation isn't good, get out. I chose to leave." What made for disappointing TV is perhaps the most mature decision NeNe Leakes has made on air thus far. Go figure!

Watch NeNe explain it all below: