The Neighbors The Neighbors

Is it just a fishy fluke that the new comedy The Neighbors, which airs on Disney-owned ABC, is putting its characters in Finding Nemo costumes just as the classic cartoon is re-released in theaters in 3D?

"Isn't that a coincidence," says Lenny Venito, who plays Marty Weaver. Marty and son Max (Max Charles) dress up as Nemo and Nemo's dad for the sitcom's splashy Halloween episode, airing in late October.  

Executive producer Dan Fogelman insists it was pure coincidence. "I didn't even realize Finding Nemo was being re-released," he says. "We were just trying to find a father/son buddy costume and in our story, Marty ends up losing his son emotionally when the son doesn't want to go trick-or-treating with his dad anymore."

Surely Disney didn't object? Concedes Fogelman: "It was easy to clear the costume."

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