Question: I need dirt on Veronica Mars! This hiatus is killing me!

Answer: Well, given the speed with which news travels in this town, you may have already heard that late last week I got confirmation that my much-hyped-by-me Mars guest appearance is a definite go. I'm due on the show's San Diego set at 8:30 am this Friday. (Stalker Alert: I'll be heading south on the 405 freeway from 6:30 to 8:30 am Friday. Wave if you see me.) And the best part? I have an actual role, not some measly extra thing. Here's the sitch: From what I understand, Veronica will be throwing a bachelorette party for a friend and I will be one of the few men in attendance. And something happens at the party between Veronica and myself that is so snot-shootingly funny I have to hold off on telling you for fear that I'll jinx it. After all, we don't want a repeat of that disastrous Felicity incident of yore.