First I need to correct the handful of people who last week thought I was saying that Jessica Hecht played Ross' ex-wife on Friends. If you go back and check, you'll see that I wrote "Ross' ex-wife's wife." Had to get that out of the way. So tonight was another episode that hit home for me. My dad had prostate cancer just like Dr. Dubenko, and had the same risky surgery. My dad survived, but he is unfortunately in that 25 percent group Dubenko was mentioning. It was so sweet that Abby wanted to be such a friend to him. But just a friend. The scene where she politely rejected his request to help him with his problem before and after the surgery ("I'm gonna have to take a pass on that") was priceless. Boy, do I love me some Maura Tierney.  But I also love me some Linda Cardellini. So glad Sam finally spoke up for herself against Cruella De Vil, or rather, Kristen Johnston as Eve. So funny to hear Luka whine to Kerry as he complained about Eve.

Tonight's patients had problems that ranged from tragic to comic. Let's start with comic. Great scene with the wife meeting her husband's therapist/satisfaction facilitator/call girl. Even greater when Abby referred the "therapist" to Dubenko. But the saddest situation (besides the woman who came out of a coma and didn't know her mother was dead) was the new mom with postpartum depression who drove into a wall with her baby in the car. Megan Ward was awesome as the mother, and it is nice that yet another former actor from that less-than-fabulous sitcom Jesse is still getting work. First it was Bruno Campos on Nip/Tuck; now it's David DeLuise on ER as the father who morphed into Tom Cruise when he didn't want his wife to take any drugs for her problem. I have five words: Brooke Shields, I love you. Dave Anderson

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