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The Season 2 premiere of Necessary Roughness presented Dr. Dani (Callie  Thorne) with a whole new problem: He ex (Craig Bierko) had left her saddled with $80,000 in back taxes.

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Although that stings aplenty, Dani's situation may be even more dire: The football team she currently works with is making dramatic cutbacks in staff thanks to the messy personal life of team owner Marshal Pittman (Evan Handler). Expect Dani to have to prove her worth.

"He was such a Snuffleupagus character last season — all we ever did was talk about Pittman," Thorne tells "It's so great that we begin this season seeing who this man is. He comes in and really wants to see if Dr. Dani can stand the test of time [and] stand the test of him. It's all highs and lows with him because he's crazy."

Meanwhile, Dani will have an even tougher time getting through to T.K. (Mehcad Brooks), who after being shot in the Season 1 finale, is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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"If she thought that T.K. was a puzzle before, he's even more so now," Thorne says. "The focus for Dr. Dani [is] to weasel into T.K.'s mind frame. It's very easy to think that you can throw something into the back drawer of a mind and be fine. The question is: How does someone survive emotionally after that kind of trauma?"

Click play on the video below to get Thorne's take on Dani's secret romance with Matt (Marc Blucas) and a "wackadoo" rival therapist played by Amy Sedaris.

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