Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Michael Weatherly Cote de Pablo, Sean Murray, Michael Weatherly

"Tiva" fans, brace yourselves. Tonight's NCIS (8/7c, CBS) is the first episode to feature love interests for both Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo — not counting each other. Sarah Jane Morris (Brothers & Sisters) — last seen moving in for a kiss with Tony DiNozzo — returns as special agent E.J. Barrett. And it's the first guest shot for Ziva David's long-built-up boyfriend Ray Cruz (Enrique Murciano).

Don't expect too much soapiness, though. "So much of it is about the case, and E.J. being in charge," says Morris, whose outsider agent takes the lead when a murder points toward a serial killer her own team has been tracking. The dialogue doesn't address the March smooch — which was filmed but left on the cutting-room floor — or what might've followed. "There's some connection still happening, but it's [ambiguous]," says Morris.

How does she feel about being a Tiva spoiler? "I'm staying out of this," she laughs. "But having E.J. and Ray around definitely stirs up a lot of feelings for Ziva and Tony. They never reveal quite enough, [on NCIS], do they?"

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