Pauley Perrette Pauley Perrette

With NCIS' 200th episode approaching on Feb. 7, we asked the cast, along with current show-runner Gary Glasberg, to share some favorite episodes or scenes from the first eight and a half years. For more on the 200th episode, check out the cover story of TV Guide Magazine, on newsstands Thursday.

Pauley Perrette

[Season 3] "One of my favorites but also one of the hardest ones for me to do — because Abby's being stalked, and I've been hideously stalked in my real life. I was kind of afraid about how that was going to affect me. Because that's like bringing my home life to work. They often use our real life stories in the script. I was scared in the beginning, but it ended up being really cathartic to play it."

"One Last Score" [Season 8] "Michael Weatherly was directing, and there's a scene in the squad room where his character was in it, talking to me, so he was wearing both hats. I would say my part, and then instead of saying his line, he'd just have this huge smile on his face. I'm like, 'Michael, you're just standing there smiling at me, and you need to say your lines!' And he was like, 'I just loved what you just did!' I'm like, 'Thank you, but you have to talk!'"

Cote de Pablo

"Under Covers"
[Season 3] "It was the first time that Michael and I sort of had this sexual tension thing fulfilled. Well, was it fulfilled? I don't know. But there was actually something the fans could hold onto. And that was fun to play, as a sort of Mr. and Mrs. Smith episode."

"Devil's Triangle" [Season 9] "This was a Fornell and Gibbs episode, where their [mutual] ex-wife came back. And the last line she said was, 'Well, you were my Shannon, Gibbs' [referring to the true love of Gibbs' life]. And I remember when we were at the table read and I read that — we were all destroyed. We knew what that meant."

Sean Murray

"Bikini Wax"
[Season 2] "Harmon and I were after someone, and the perp disappeared around a car wash. So McGee of course runs through the carwash — and I really ran through the thing. It was a little hard getting wet and full of soaps and suds, but that's a good memory."

"Kill Ari (Parts 1 & 2)" [Season 3] "These two episodes took place right after Kate's death, and they're two of my favorites that we've done. Something about those episodes really rings well with me, just in term of the tone, where it was dark, and almost everything was night and raining, feeling the aftermath of one of our fellow agents being killed."

Michael Weatherly

"Dead Man Talking"
[Season 1] "That was our 19th episode, and it could be the first that was a true blending of all the elements — the first one that you could say, that's an NCIS episode. It has the whole package. It starts when Pacci, one of our special agents who worked in the squad room, gets gutted in an elevator. We go to the crime scene and his entrails are out. It's grim. And within one act, I'm undercover, tracking a transvestite, who I end up making out with in a bar. It's hijinx galore. In the end she gets up and runs right into Gibbs, and he blows her head off. It's the most [messed] up episode!"

"Chimera" [Season 5] "This was the Halloween episode, 2007 — and our 100th episode. We were on a ghost ship, where everyone had died from some airborne blood disease. Ducky had the poisonous blood splattered all over his whole costume, and I'm holding a dead rat, but none of us got the contagion, even though we were all fully exposed. Then it turns out there are Russian pirates who have a nuclear warhead. Then the U.S. Navy blows up the ship! That episode never made any sense to me at all, but it's one of my favorites in terms of the performances, so sometimes it doesn't matter if it makes sense!"

David McCallum

"My Other Left Foot"
[Season 1] "There's a scene where I walk around the room from end to end, carrying this leg, talking away about my grandfather who allowed me to go and visit art galleries throughout Europe — nothing to do with the leg itself. Then I talk a lot about the film My Left Foot. And after a long dissertation on my part, Gibbs finally says, 'Ducky, that's a right foot.' That scene really established the style we've used in the autopsy room ever since."

Brian Dietzen

[Season 5] "It's one where Mark and Michael spent a lot of time underwater, in a water tank, in a car. Since I wasn't even in it, I just got to sit back and be a fan of the show. Any time you get into Gibbs' backstory, his history, I'm suck a sucker for it, and I'll listen with bated breath to hear where this dude came from."

"Last Man Standing" [Season 6] "It was one of the first times they threw a lot on Jimmy Palmer's plate. Gibbs and Vance come down into autopsy and confront Jimmy Palmer about having an affair with Agent Lee, who turns out to be a double agent. To have Rocky Carroll and Mark Harmon both staring down my neck, it's pretty fun and pretty easy to play nervous."

Rocky Carroll

"Internal Affairs"
[Season 5] "The first episode that I was ever in is probably the one that will always stand out. In learning and getting my footage, I had a little bit of an advantage, because Mark Harmon and I had worked together on Chicago Hope for several years, and he was the only person that I knew who was connected to the show. I think he smoothed the path a little bit for me and let everybody know, 'This guy's all right with me.' If you only know one guy, it's good if he's the star of the show."

Gary Glasberg

[Season 6] "I've become very familiar with everything from before I came on the show. I'm a big "Twilight" fan. I'm a big "Yankee White" fan, which was the first episode. I enjoyed the complexity of  "Hiatus," parts 1 and 2. But "Heartland," when we first spent time with Gibbs in his hometown and met Dad — Ralph Waite — was a very special episode."

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