It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without a few awkward questions from your family members, right?

On Tuesday's episode of NCIS, Bishop (Emily Wickersham) gets an unexpected visit from her three brothers, who quickly dedicate themselves to a very specific mission: finding out who their sister is dating.

By the end of the episode, the Bishop boys - and the audience - will discover the truth, and the identity of Bishop's S.O. will definitely come as a shock to everyone... just like it did to Wickersham.

"I was surprised," she tells "But I felt like it made a lot of sense. It's someone who Bishop has had a strong friendship with for a while, so I liked that aspect to it. And ... I don't think anyone will really expect it, because it's not someone who's really been around all that much."

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Hmm... who could it be? If you pay attention to the clues, you might be able to guess the answer.

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