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NCIS: Bishop Finally Gets Her Revenge for Qasim's Death

Turns out they were more serious than we thought

Liz Raftery

Bishop (Emily Wickersham) got the ultimate revenge against her boyfriend's killer on Tuesday's episode of NCIS -- or, to put it more accurately, her fiance's.

As if Qasim's (Ravi Silver) death earlier this season wasn't sad enough (even though we only saw him and Bishop together for a couple of episodes), NCIS twisted the knife on Tuesday's episode, retconning a whole new layer to their relationship by revealing that Qasim proposed to her after they had been on 104(!) dates. And, though she didn't accept right away, she was ready to say yes on the night he was killed.

In the episode, Bishop and Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) continue to go rogue on an independent mission to track down Chen, the Chinese businessman responsible for Qasim's murder. After learning of a plot Chen devised to wipe out the electrical grid, they believe they finally have what they need to take him down -- that is, until they learn that he's been working with the CIA, offering up information on a Syrian terrorist.

They learn this because the episode also marked the return of Congresswoman Flemming (Mary Stuart Masterson), who has been promoted to a counterterrorism position -- and who, incidentally, seems to be progressing nicely on the romantic front with Vance (Rocky Carroll).

Emily Wickersham, NCIS
Patrick McElhenney, CBS

Outraged that Chen is about to get away with all the crimes he's committed, Qasim's death among them, Bishop decides to take matters into her own hands and lures him into a trap. She gives Chen the choice of taking his own life or awaiting the arrival of the Syrians, whom she's informed about Chen's collaboration with the CIA. He chooses the former, blowing up the house where Bishop has him handcuffed.

Bishop knows there will likely be consequences for her actions, and she tells Gibbs (Mark Harmon) at the end of the episode that she understands if he wants to fire her for going behind his back. He responds that going rogue comes with its own price, and he's not going to be the one to deliver a blow to her career -- yet -- with the tacit implication being that he likely would have done the same thing. And, Gibbs also has other things to think about in regards to his own career, after Flemming offers him "a seat in the big chair," aka a director position.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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