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NCIS: Abby Proves Yet Again Why She's the Best of the Bunch

We would totally wear her sweaters

Liz Raftery

The newest NCISagents faced a huge test on Tuesday's episode -- and it didn't involve any work in the field.

In order to welcome newbies Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) to the team, Abby (Pauley Perrette) has gone to the trouble of knitting them personalized gifts, per tradition. (We learn that she also previously gave McGee a pair of socks and Bishop a friendship bracelet.) And the way they each respond to the gesture says a lot about how they'll fit in with the rest of the crew.

Quinn's present is a black sweater with "Welcome to NCIS" emblazoned on it. It's not typically her style, she notes, but she's being a good sport and wearing it anyway:

Jennifer Esposito, NCIS
Bill Inoshita, CBS

Torres, on the other hand, refuses to wear the vest Abby knit for him because apparently cobalt blue just isn't his color. Abby is not pleased, especially since we're getting into prime sweater weather this time of year. And Torres' rebellion doesn't sit well with Gibbs either, who later lectures his new recruit that he's part of a family now and needs to act like it. Interesting that Torres admits to playing "dress-up" in his several undercover gigs, but won't even don an item of clothing from his non-pretend colleague. Sheesh.

Of course, at the end of the episode, Torres caves and struts into work wearing the bright blue sweater. Turns out he was right -- that is most definitely not his color. But sometimes you just have to grin and bear a fashion faux pas, and the smile on Abby's face makes it all worth it. It's a good lesson for us all to learn with the holidays just around the corner.

But more importantly, can we please get Abby a better/more substantial storyline, please?

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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