FBI agent Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito) made it no secret that she wasn't feeling her new digs when she came to NCIS: New Orleans earlier this season. And with good reason: her ex-husband was involved in a shady scheme to siphon money from FEMA projects, which jeopardized her name and career.

Gregorio has started to feel more at home in the Big Easy, determined to leave her past behind her. Unfortunately, she's going to have to confront this rocky chapter of her life regardless of whether she stays in New Orleans — or heads back to D.C.

That's right - Gregorio's ex is going to be back in the picture when the show returns in 2017.

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"The gods have a way of bringing us back, in way, of what we're tying to run from," executive producer Brad Kern tells us. "She will be confronting that emotionally and literally as the season progresses."

The question is... Will her ex will pop back up with good intentions, or ill will towards his former flame? One thing's for sure: Gregorio is tough enough to take him on — especially with her new family backing her up.

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