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NCIS: New Orleans Exclusive: Sebastian's First Day as an Agent Doesn't Go Well

Actor Rob Kerkovich is happy about it, too

Malcolm Venable

(Warning: spoilers about Tuesday's episode of NCIS: New Orleans ahead!)

NCIS: New Orleans' forensic scientist Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) finally becomes an official agent this week -- after months of anticipation, hard work and occasional gaffes. Not that the gaffe phase is over. In an interview with TVGuide.com, Kerkovich says that we shouldn't' expect Sebastian to be a lean, mean, crime-stoppin' machine right away. True to his lovably bumbling nature, Sebastian is going to walk a bit before he starts running.

"In the coming episodes, Sebastian is going to get his ass handed to him," says Kerkovich. Believe it or not, he thinks that's a good thing. "I'd rather have that than him immediately show up and start doing kung fu. It doesn't make sense." This is, after all, the guy who froze recently when he had the opportunity -- the imperative, actually -- to shoot a bad guy who was about to harm Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito). (She's forgiven him for that by the way.)

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In shooting the scene, Vanessa [Ferlito] added this line, "It's OK baby, it's OK," Kerkovich says. "That one line elevated that scene, I thought. Already there was no judgment; it was very sisterly on her part." Sebastian's journey to becoming an agent means climbing a learning curve, just like anyone in any job. "It's taking time. It's not going be showing up with a hat and gun and Bam! he's a superhero. It makes it more realistic to see that journey." Sebastian is in many ways is intended to be a relatable reflection of all of us -- an everyman that lets us conquer fears and embrace the fighter within.

Also in Tuesday's episode, Tom Arnold returns as the hacker Elvis Bertrand, working to convince agent Pride (Scott Bakula) that Elvis' help is needed in tracking down one of Elvis' proteges who's gone rogue. Tensions flare over whether or not to trust Elvis, who you'll remember has already made Pride's job complicated once this season with his digital trickery, being suspected of murder and then vanishing. On top of that, Elvis' former pupil releases information NCIS: NOLA team members shared about one another that they hadn't intended on going public. That's when Sebastian finds out that Pride had doubts about Sebastian's ability, which of course doesn't sit well with Sebastian. "He hears some stuff Pride says that makes him doubt his decision. [Sebastian] gets a little catty with him. A lot goes down."

NCIS: New Orleans airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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