NCIS: New Orleans has been dripping out details about FBI Agent Tammy Gregorio (Vanessa Ferlito), the new member of the crime-solving unit, all season — some of them really juicy. (We have to assume we'll be coming back to that "dated-women-in-the-past" reveal!)

Another of her secrets — her ex-husband who disappeared after embezzling $80 million in Katrina relief funds — is finally coming to light. True Blood star Ed Quinn plays her former hubby Ethan McKinley, who pops up in New Orleans in Tuesday's episode after he's linked to the murder of a crime bosses' son. He — or rather, his crimes that made her look guilty by association — is the reason Gregorio joined the FBI, Ferlito told in a previous interview; after his deeds came to light she fled New Orleans "trying to cleanse herself of this horrible past."

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Now, she'll have the opportunity to face her past and get closure. "She's going to get back to who she really was before this bad person came into her life," Ferlito said. "She's going to heal and make amends. She's been blaming herself, because of this other person's actions. She's going to loosen up a bit and embrace New Orleans, and how wonderful it is. That will make her happy."

Before the happiness though comes the encounter — reuniting with the man who ruined her name and made her flee the city. That sure sounds a sunny day in the park, which would explain that very thrilled look on her face in this pic from Tuesday's episode.

Ed Quinn and Vanessa Ferlito, NCIS: New OrleansEd Quinn and Vanessa Ferlito, NCIS: New Orleans

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