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NCIS: McGee Plans the Perfect Proposal for Delilah

But did he go through with it?

Liz Raftery

It's no secret that this season of NCISwill likely feature the long-awaited wedding between McGee (Sean Murray) and Delilah (Margo Harshman). Tuesday's episode got us a step closer to their nuptials, with McGee planning the perfect way to pop the question: He's going to wait until the sun lines up in a certain way to cast the perfect shadow on the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and Capitol Building, with a finishing sparkle on Delilah's soon-to-be engagement ring. Picturesque, right?

The only problem is that the sun won't line up that way for another six months -- meaning McGee not only has to wait until then, he also needs to make sure the ring stays out of Delilah's sight. For the latter task, he enlists Bishop (Emily Wickersham) to "be his Frodo" and hold on to the diamond. She decides to keep the ring at the office. It's a secure building surrounded by federal agents, after all. But McGee isn't wild about the idea, confessing that he personally has broken into her desk on several prior occasions.

NCIS Mega Buzz: McGee and Delilah are goin' to the chapel!

After talking to a murder victim's significant other who says he regrets not putting a ring on it, though, McGee has a change of heart. He grabs the ring out of Bishop's desk and heads off to propose to Delilah. But she's in the elevator as soon as the door opens, so he gets down on one knee and pops the question right then and there (after pulling the emergency brake). The shadows cast by the fluorescent lights in the elevator don't have quite the same effect he was going for, but it still works. She says yes!

Elsewhere in the episode, while Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and Quinn (Jennifer Esposito) are investigating a murder on a ship, we learn that she's nicknamed "The Heartbreaker." Looks like we'll get a lot more of her back story in next week's episode, and I hope that includes an explanation of this moniker.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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