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NCIS: LA: Nell and Eric Get Cozy on a Couples Retreat

Plus: Callen makes a shocking discovery about Joelle

Liz Raftery

Nell (Renee Felice Smith) and Eric (Barrett Foa) got a verrrry interesting undercover assignment on Sunday's episode of NCIS: LA, when Hetty (Linda Hunt) sent them to track down a couple suspected of hacking into the Treasury Department... at a couples' retreat.

As soon as the team gets wind of the assignment, Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) naturally assume they'll be the ones tasked with the trip, and are all set to pack up their s'mores supplies when they're informed that Nell and Beale will be going in their place. Instead, Kensi and Deeks are tasked with doing backup surveillance from a giant RV. (Kensi is much more excited by this prospect than Deeks is.)

At the retreat (where they're, of course, put in a room with one bed), Nell and Eric are forced to surrender their electronic devices and do all kinds of corny couple-y exercises, like looking deeply into each other's eyes and recounting the moment they fell in love with each other. This reveals that Beale either should consider an acting career or he's done a lot of thinking about this.

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They also bond with the suspect couple over nerd stuff, but become suspicious when the wife appears to be upset during the couple-y activities and Eric catches the husband sneakily checking his phone. As it turns out, the couple was blackmailed into performing the hack by someone who kidnapped the wife's sister.

Renee Felice Smith, Barrett Foa, NCIS: LA
Cliff Lipson, CBS

Meanwhile, Sam (LL Cool J) and Anna (Bar Paly) are paired up to track another potential suspect, and Anna tells Sam that she's concerned about Callen (Chris O'Donnell) since he recently decided to get rid of or destroy all his furniture. Sam reassures her that this is just Callen's way of processing his emotions. Sam doesn't need to purge his house because he's got, ahem, a wife to talk things through with. Real subtle, Sam!

Eventually, the two teams converge to take down the kidnapper/would-be terrorist, and it's Beale who saves the day in the end, shooting at the baddie's car and causing it to explode into a fireball. Impressed by his heroics, Nell makes out with him right then and there... even though the jig is up and they no longer need to "pretend" like they're a couple. (But if we're being honest, they were never really pretending.) Deeks and Kensi pull up in their RV just in time to witness the whole thing. Looks like there are going to be four people vying for any future weekend retreat undercover assignments.

While all this is going on, Hetty has sent Callen on a personal surveillance mission. He arrives at a house, unaware of who his target is. Surprise... it's Joelle (Elizabeth Bogush)! And she's with a man and a young boy, looking very family-like. Uh-oh. Callen confronts her and she quickly gets rid of him, telling her beau(?) that he's just a colleague from work.

Later, she arranges a private meeting with Callen and refuses to apologize for betraying him, saying she was just doing her job. She also drops the bombshell that the man and boy are her husband and 6-year-old(!) son, meaning they were both in the picture the whole time she was with Callen. Callen demands to know Sabatino's whereabouts, and Joelle says that no one's heard from him... but who knows whether she's telling the truth.

Back at the office, Hetty admits that she gave Callen the "assignment" so that he could get a little clarity about Joelle and see the full picture. Continuing to delude himself about her would only cause him more heartache, Hetty notes, in full Yoda mode. But she also tells him she's starting to see some cracks in those walls he puts up, and Callen doesn't disagree.

NCIS: LA airs Sundays at 8/7c on CBS.

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