Kensi (Daniela Ruah) finally made a friend in her rehabilitation facility on NCIS: Los Angeles — but is he bad news?

"Sullivan," an amputee who lost his leg in an IED blast, introduces himself to Kensi by taunting her near the free weights, noting that she's never going to get anywhere with her recovery if she sticks to the pink 2-lb. weights. He also asks if she injured herself by falling off a stripper pole, to which Kensi responds by telling him she could take him out if she wasn't still confined to a wheelchair.

But, despite that rocky beginning, they soon become pretty chummy in physical therapy, with Sullivan calling Kensi "Special K" after they finish arm wrestling each other. It doesn't take long for Kensi to casually mention that she has a fiancé, and in turn, it doesn't take Sullivan to speculate what type of guy Kensi's involved with. Infuriatingly for Kensi, he pretty much pegs Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) down to a T — moments before Deeks comes in to basically confirm all the traits Sullivan had speculated about him.

Still, being able to banter with Sullivan during therapy appears to bode well for Kensi's overall mood. Not to mention, having a competitive challenger to continually one-up might speed up her recovery.

And, though Sullivan's intentions are still unclear, Kensi still seems 100-percent loyal to Deeks (even more so than she has in previous weeks, if we're being frank). When Deeks visits, she asks him to show her the engagement ring one more time, and then promptly makes him promise to not show it to her again until she can properly wear it. She needs something positive to focus on in order to motivate her through six months of therapy, and the prospect of getting married to Deeks when all is said and done is doing the trick — for now.

What did you think, NCIS: LA fans? Do you think Sullivan will be a positive influence on Kensi, or will he spell trouble for her and Deeks?

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