We're one step closer to discovering who the (real) mole is on NCIS: LA.

The team got a big break in the case on Sunday's episode, when they're able to track down Natalie Grant, aka Amber Wilcox, after identifying her as the mysterious assailant who kills two men posing as sheriff's deputies outside of Callen's (Chris O'Donnell) house. Natalie also happens to be the handler of Karl Brown, the former NCIS: LA employee who's being held in solitary confinement after confessing to leaking information. That's not a coincidence, but the bigger question is: who were he and Natalie working for?

Unfortunately, Natalie won't be able to spill all the beans — after Callen and Sam (LL Cool J) track her down at Karl's house, they discover that she was coming to Callen to ask for protection, worried that Karl would give up her identity in prison. Natalie demands a lawyer and witness protection, but as Callen and Sam are taking her away, they get ambushed and Natalie gets shot in the firefight that ensues. The gunmen escape, and Natalie dies before help can arrive, but not without giving up a name: Ray.

Eric (Barrett Foa) tracks down surveillance footage that indicates "Ray" is a woman, and Granger (Miguel Ferrer) recognizes her as someone who once hit on him at a bar. The episode ends with Granger & Co. on a stakeout mission, poised to arrest "Ray" as soon as she arrives at one of her old haunts. But unfortunately, she's nowhere to be found. For now.

Elsewhere in the episode, Kensi (Daniela Ruah) is showing promising signs in her recovery, going for jogs and preparing food. She also gets a visit from her PT buddy Sullivan, who comes bearing beer and says he's gotten the all-clear to return to his unit, meaning he'll be heading overseas soon. (Probably a good thing for Kensi and Deeks to have him out of the picture, no?)

Perhaps inspired by his return to the field, Kensi heads to the gun range after hours and appears to have full functionality in her trigger finger. But when Hetty (Linda Hunt) finds her practicing, she instructs Kensi to try shooting with her left (non-dominant) hand, and Kensi can't do it. Looks like she's got another few weeks to go until she can return full time.

NCIS: LA airs Sundays at 8/7c on CBS.

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