Emily Wickersham, Jamie Bamber, Michael Weatherly Emily Wickersham, Jamie Bamber, Michael Weatherly

NCIS fans: Get ready to meet Bishop's husband!

Viewers will finally be introduced to Jake (Jamie Bamber), the elusive other half of Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) on Tuesday's Thanksgiving episode of NCIS.

The hour finds Ellie and Jake stranded at the Dulles Airport after bad weather throws a wrench into their "well-deserved little Thanksgiving vacation," according to Wickersham. Coincidentally, Tony (Michael Weatherly) happens to also be stuck on the ground — and naturally, there's a terror threat at Northeastern airports that needs to be investigated.

"It really felt like it was an arranged marriage," Wickersham tells TVGuide.com of shooting with Bamber in such close quarters. "He's perfect. He's kind of everything I expected Bishop's husband to be."

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Though Tony, for one, is pleasantly surprised to simply find out that Jake actually exists, the more surprising working partnership is actually between the couple themselves. As the unlikely trio work together to find the root of the terror alert, Jake gets a rare opportunity to see Ellie in action outside of the NSA — which ends up uncovering an underlying disconnect in their relationship, Wickersham says.

"This is kind of his first taste of her at NCIS," Wickersham says. "It exposes a very different side of Bishop. ... Jake is still at NSA and Bishop is no longer there, obviously. So, the dynamic in their relationship has really changed. They went from being able to talk about everything that happens in their work life to having it be really one-sided, because Jake can't discuss anything, obviously, outside of the NSA. So that throws a huge curveball into a relationship, I think."

Will fans see more of Jake as the season progresses? Yes, but it's likely that his and Ellie's romance won't always be the picture of domestic bliss. "The issues that come up in will kind of be there throughout the season," Wickersham teases. "I think we'll see them unfold a bit more."

Are you looking forward to meeting Bishop's husband?

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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