Lipstick Jungle by Andrew Eccles/NBC Photo Lipstick Jungle by Andrew Eccles/NBC Photo
The when: Enter the Jungle Thursday, Feb. 7, at 10 pm/ET on NBC.

Why watch?: If you were a devoted Sex and the City fan then you'll love Lipstick Jungle, as both began as novels written by Candace Bushnell. With hip and powerful females at the center of the plot it's sure to become a staple on your TV schedule or at least on the DVR. Lipstick also has a lot of buzz surrounding it and both critics and viewers have been wondering for months whether it will be better than its competitor, Cashmere Mafia, which was created by SATC scribe Darren Star. Sure, it's catchphrase - "It's a jungle out there, dress accordingly" - is a little cheesy, but the show promises not to be, with its chic wardrobe, sexy plotlines and witty dialogue. Who's who: Three powerful women who are best friends - Wendy, Nico and Victory - have just been named among New York's 50 most powerful women. Wendy Healy, a film executive, is played by Brooke Shields. Victory Ford, a fashion designer, is played by Lindsay Price and Nico Reilly, a magazine editor, is played by Kim Raver. What's next: Watch as these women tackle the big apple while trying to balance high-powered careers with their complicated relationships. Say what?! All three women have starred on hit TV shows: Kim Raver on 24, Brooke Shields on Suddenly Susan and Lindsay Price on Beverly Hills, 90210. What do you say? Could this be the TV obsession we've been waiting for, or will it be swept into the pile of Sex and the City copycats? - Robyn Ross Take a look at Lipstick Jungle in our Online Video Guide. More Strike Survival guidance: " Survivor: Micronesia - Do the Newbies Stand a Chance? " Ten Things You Didn't Know About This Week's CSI " Movies-on-TV: Ken Fox's picks for the Week of Feb. 4. " Why You Should Make a Date with Old Christine " It's Not Too Late to Find Lost