A few highlights culled from NBC's 14-page (!) February-sweeps-preview press release:

Feb. 2: 1 vs 100 features an all-kids "mob."
Feb. 5: Heroes' Sylar makes a shocking move against H.R.G.
Feb. 8: My Name Is Earl's Joy meets her half sister - played by Tamala Jones; romance blooms for 30 Rock's Kenneth and engaged Cerie. (Cue blatant plug for my 30 Rock preview.)
Feb. 9: 24's Edgar (that is, Louis Lombardi) makes an indecent proposal to Las Vegas' Sam.
Feb. 11: Vegas' Josh Duhamel and Molly Sims cross over to Crossing Jordan.
Feb. 12: Studio 60's Matt flashes back to when he and Harriet first met.
Feb. 13: Inconceivable! Cary Elwes guests on Law & Order: SVU.
Feb. 14: The black Panthers demand that Mac be fired for making racial comments on Friday Night Lights.
Feb. 15: Beau Bridges reprises his role as Earl's dad; The Office's Ryan invites Michael to be a guest speaker at his business school.
Feb. 16: 1 vs 100's mob is populated by "people you hate," including IRS auditors, DMV employees and telemarketers; Law & Order takes on the Adrienne Shelly murder.
Feb. 18: The Apprentice (finally) outs its on-set lovebirds.
Feb. 19: Invasion's Kari Matchett guests on Studio 60.
Feb. 22: Gates' dad ( Prison Break's Stacy Keach) shows up on ER.
Feb. 26: On Heroes, a kidnapping leads to a "tragic, explosive showdown."