In a statement to MediaPost, an NBC rep refutes talk - fueled by a recent Fox News report - that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is thisclose to being axed. The missive reiterates that NBC recently ordered three more scripts for the struggling Monday series, and maintains that the show, at this point, still "is profitable." The buzz here in the TV Guide hallways is that NBC will wait to see the numbers for one more Studio 60 airing before making any major decisions, while MediaPost says that a time-slot change, not all-out cancellation, is a more likely first remedy.

On a related note, NBC has pulled the already humiliated Kidnapped from its sad Saturday burn-off berth for the duration of November sweeps, replacing it with Law & Order: CI reruns.

KIDNAPPED UPDATE: It's just been whispered in my ear that, as we speak, Kidnapped is wrapping production on its 13th and final episode, and that the entire demi-season "is bound to have a life on DVD." As for the broadcast airings we were promised, I have a call into an official NBC rep. Here is what he said.