Chuck by Michael Yarish/NBC Chuck by Michael Yarish/NBC
Chuck fans, rejoice! NBC has picked up the back nine episodes of the sophomore dramedy, giving the beloved, but slightly ratings-challenged show a full season - and not to mention, a huge boost in confidence. Peacock executives were impressed with

Chuck's first six episodes and didn't waste any time giving the showrunners the good news. "We couldn't be more excited with the creative direction Josh [Schwartz] and his team are executing on

Chuck," NBC Entertainment Executive Vice President Teri Weinberg said. "This show has really hit its stride and deserves a full-season commitment to carry out the producers' vision for this unique series." Due to the writers' strike, Chuck was reduced to a half-season last year, and NBC brass opted to bring back the Zachary Levi-led series for the fall instead of finishing up in the spring. Season 2 of Chuck premieres Sept. 29 - Levi's 28th birthday, fittingly - at 8 pm/ET. - Joyce Eng