Sarah Shahi and Damian Lewis, <i>Life</i> Sarah Shahi and Damian Lewis, Life

In this tough, low-rated TV season, NBC is the first network to reshuffle its lineup. What's the Peacock's solution? Crime night!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, starting Wednesday Nov. 5, NBC will present a block of crime dramas: Knight Rider at 8 pm/ET, Life at 9 pm (moving in from Fridays at 10), and the return of longtime staple Law & Order at 10 pm.

Life is making a rare jump back to a midweek slot after being banished to the Friday night graveyard. Effectively swapping places with Life is Lipstick Jungle, which after a surprising second-season renewal has been performing below expectations on Wednesdays.

NBC has also changed the premiere date of its new Ryan Seacrest-produced reality show Momma's Boys to Dec. 16, following the Biggest Loser: Families finale. It will then air on Mondays at 9 pm in Heroes slot during the show's winter hiatus.

What do you think of the programming tweaks?