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No dead dog is going to keep television networks from co-opting a successful brand for their own needs. NBC has put a television sequel of Marley & Me into development, The Wrap reports.

The single-camera comedy will be based on the 2008 Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston film, as opposed to the best selling book by John Grogan, and leap forward to former dog owners John and Jenny Grogan as they relocate to Florida with their teenage kids. There, their lives are again taken over by a dog who is just as much of a rascal as ol' Marley. And in order to keep the title familiar, the Grogans name the new dog Marley because they use the same leashes and dog tags that belonged to their deceased pooch.

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Jenny Bicks (Sex and the CityMen in Trees) will write and produce the project, which has a put pilot commitment from NBC.

This is just the latest adaptation to go into production this week. A revival ofBewitched was revealed Thursday, a Rainbow Brite series was announced on Wednesday, and a series based on the film The Illusionist was unveiled on Tuesday.

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Scandal Supercut: Relive every awesome drunk Mellie moment

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