NBC has recruited a long list of noted directors, actors and writers for its 13-episode suspense and horror anthology series Fear Itself.

The series, produced by LionsGate and Industry Entertainment, will boast the work of award-winning horror directors John Landis ( An American Werewolf in London), Darren Bousman ( Saw II), Brad Anderson ( The Machinist), Mary Harron ( American Psycho), Stuart Gordon ( Re-Animator) and Heroes' Ernest Dickerson. Superman Returns' Brandon Routh and Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss join Cynthia Watros ( Lost), Eric Roberts ( Heroes) and Larry Gilliard Jr. ( The Wire), along with a boatload of other actors who will earn some screen time in one of the series' episodes.

And just what kind of horrors can you expect? Landis' "A Nightmare in Lace" follows a bride who receives word on her wedding day that her groom is a serial killer, and Harron's "Community" features a young couple who find their dream home in the perfect neighborhood (until their neighbors start killing those who don't conform). But don't worry, classic horror lovers - there are also zombie and werewolf tales in the works.

Are you excited for a little prime-time spookiness, or is NBC scaring itself to death? - Adam Bryant