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NBC is holding its annual "Green Week" Nov. 15-22.

Al Gore will make his second appearance in a green-centric story line on 30 Rock, where Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) must ask the T.G.S. staff to reduce its carbon footprint. Kenneth the page is put in charge of making sure the staff sticks to their goal.

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"These green episodes are a fun and entertaining way to raise environmental awareness," network executive Beth Colleton said. "We are also very committed to green production practices at NBC Universal."

She said they've published green production guides for TV and film hoping they will encourage a more eco-friendly industry.

NBC released this list of other "green" highlights:

  • In Community, Greendale Community College is renamed "Environ-Dale,"  and plans a green concert. 
  • The Jay Leno Show will showcase the Ford "Green Car Challenge."
  • Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson) from The Office gets into a green character, assuming the role of "Recyclops." 
  • The Biggest Loser trainers will offer green tips, such as buying locally grown, organic produce and bringing a mug to your local coffee shop, instead of using a paper cup.
  • Heroes includes a scene with members of the carnival loading a pick-up truck with recyclables.  Samuel (Robert Knepper), talks to Hiro (Masi Oka) about giving back to the Earth.
  • Law & Order presents a case involving a cash-for-clunkers scam.
  • In Law & Order: SVU, an accused killer has to resort to alternate means to make money after too many people have started recycling their own bottles and cans. 
  • In Mercy, Dr. Gillian Jelani (K.K. Moggie) is aided by Dr. Chris Sams (James Tupper) as they organize a "Bike to Work Friday."
  • One of Trauma's lead characters rents a hybrid car. 
  • The Parks and Recreation workers explore the great outdoors and make sure that nothing goes to waste. 
  • In the Nov. 19 episode of Days of Our Lives, three of the daytime drama's characters create a green space on the hospital rooftop.   
  • In Dateline NBC, an anchor will address the "Green is Universal" initiative and will urge viewers to go to the Web site where they can watch green-related stories featured on previous Dateline episodes.