Dick Wolf by Chris Haston/NBC Universal Photo Dick Wolf by Chris Haston/NBC Universal Photo

A new pilot from Law & Order guru Dick Wolf is in the works for NBC, featuring "an unconventional female detective" who solves the murders of anonymous victims, according to Variety .

Lost and Found will be written by Law & Order alum Chris Levinson, and pick up is contingent upon who they cast to headline the show.
Sound familiar? I thought so, too. The first thing that comes to mind when the words, "unconventional female detective," are pitched is the plethora of successful shows already containing that dynamic. The Closer has quirky southerner Brenda Leigh Johnson, Cold Case has flashbacking Lilly Rush, and Saving Grace has self-destructive, angel-talking Grace Hanadarko.

How do you think Dick Wolf and Co. can distinguish this show from so many others already on our radar? - Erin Fox

" Dick Wolf Seeks Profit Justice
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