As the WGA strike goes on - the AMPTP's latest offer was summarily scoffed at late Thursday, with talks not resuming until Tuesday - NBC has unveiled a schedule featuring at least six hours a week of unscripted fare. American Gladiators debuts Jan. 6, then moves to a Mondays-at-8 time slot, says the Reporter. ( Chuck depletes its fresh offerings after Dec. 3.) The quiz show 1 vs. 100 returns Jan. 4, airing Fridays at 8, leaving Deal or No Deal with just its Wednesday berth. And The Biggest Loser, which wraps up its current cycle Dec. 18, sprints back to prime time on Jan. 1 with a fifth season featuring couples. Those air in two-hour batches Tuesdays at 8.

NBC's previously announced that The Celebrity Apprentice premieres Jan. 3, airing Thursdays at 9.

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