Nathalie Kelley is the star of the CW's upcoming Dynasty reboot, but that's not her first time on a show about cutthroat female competition: she starred on Season 1 of UnReal, Lifetime's dramedy inspired by The Bachelor. She played Grace, Everlasting's pulse-quickeningly sexy runner-up. She was supposed to get a wedding spin-off, but that didn't happen because Adam (Freddie Stroma) the Suitor didn't pick her. So if she comes back, she's gonna have several axes to grind. And she could come back in a way that wouldn't be forced at all.

That's because The Bachelor has its own reunion show, Bachelor in Paradise, where former contestants come back to hook up with each other. So far on UnReal we've only ever seen The Bachelor, but Season 3 will be its Bachelorette equivalent, which could set up Season 4 as its version of Bachelor in Paradise. Or she could pull a Nick Viall and return on another suitor's season.

"Were Grace to ever come back to UnReal, I think she would be the contestant that wreaks total havoc on all the other contestants and the bachelor and definitely the producers," Kelley tells TV Guide. "I think she'd want her revenge and she would probably start some crazy fires and catfights in the process."

Nathalie KelleyNathalie Kelley

Watch out, Rachel (Shiri Appleby) and Quinn (Constance Zimmer)! If Grace comes back, she's playing for keeps.

Dynasty premieres Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 9/8c.

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