Natascha McElhone and Martin Kelly by Jon Furniss/ Natascha McElhone and Martin Kelly by Jon Furniss/

It's a good thing this story is being typed, otherwise it would be smeared with many tears after reading this incredible, gut-wrenching, raw and emotional letter that Natascha McElhone released to Mail Online about the death of her beloved husband, Martin Kelly.

The Californication star wrote the letter during a (what I'm sure will be one of many) sleepless, grief-stricken night - truly, this is a haunting, almost voyeuristic look into her life with Kelly.

The vibrant plastic surgeon, who died of an undiagnosed heart condition at only 42-years-old, was more than a father, husband and humanitarian to McElhone... he was her one in six billion.

It's rare that anyone, especially a celebrity, would open themselves up to share such a personal and life-changing tragedy with the public. It's impossible not to be moved by sentiments like, "I can't believe that that magical, beautiful creature is not here any more. He was too good to be true. There was never a day when we didn't say: "It's ridiculous how lucky we are, look how blessed our life is." I frequently felt undeserving of this; he, however, never."

McElhone concluded her statement by conveying her husband's motto in life: "I hope my sons will never be daunted by the legacy of his spirit but instead inspired to do exactly what it is they want to do. That was his philosophy, we read it somewhere once: "Work hard, expect nothing, celebrate!" - Erin Fox


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