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"Nasty" Surprise Threatens Old Christine's New Love!

The New Adventures of Old Christine may be a comedy, but the season finale (airing tonight at 8:30 pm/ET) promises plenty of drama. Relationships may end, new ones might begin, and there'll be a kiss that could change the whole direction of the show. Sound ambiguous? That's exactly the point — at least as star Julia Louis-Dreyfus sees it. After revealing a key plot detail, she steps back: "You'd better not [write] that, because it gives it away," she says, laughing. Instead, she offers this: "Something nasty happens." The nastiness involves a sexual mishap that threatens her burgeoning relationship with her son's teacher, Mr. Harris (

Jeff Miller
The New Adventures of Old Christinemay be a comedy,but the season finale (airing tonight at 8:30 pm/ET) promisesplenty of drama. Relationshipsmay end, new onesmight begin, and there'll bea kiss that could change thewhole direction of the show.

Sound ambiguous? That'sexactly the point — at leastas star Julia Louis-Dreyfussees it. After revealing a keyplot detail, she steps back:"You'd better not [write]that, because it gives itaway," she says, laughing.Instead, she offers this:"Something nasty happens."

The nastiness involves asexual mishap that threatens her burgeoning relationshipwith her son's teacher,Mr. Harris (Blair Underwood).And that relationship willbe sealed with a kiss. Anyone who's been watching could've seen this coming. "I alwaysenvisioned it as a romanticrelationship," says series creatorKari Lizer. "Blair has suchweight, so we started writingin that direction."

The potential new coupleis confronted with an unexpectedobstacle standing —or possibly crawling — intheir way, and every characteris affected. The bondbetween Old Christine'sex- husband, Richard (ClarkGregg), and his girlfriend,New Christine (Emily Rutherfurd),"is a little iffy," Lizersays, "and [Old] Christinehas her own, bigger issueswith Richard by the end."

In fact, Old Christine'srelationship with Richard hasnever been rockier. "Thepremise is she has a verycivilized divorce, but thatdoes get in the way of herpursuing romantic interestsbecause her ex-husband isaround a lot," Lizer says.

But one question can be answered:Underwood will beback next season, and Lizercouldn't be happier. "Blair'sa man," she says. "It's asexy thing and also funny forJulia to play." Louis-Dreyfusagrees: "He's a charming guy,and it's fun to play all flummoxed.It's easy for me tomake a fool of myself in frontof him. That comes naturally."

If CBS renews Old Christine at next week's upfronts,fans can look forward tofurther embarrassment. "I'dlike to have more humiliatingmoments," Louis-Dreyfussays boldly. "Humiliation isthe word of the day."

Not to mention "nasty."

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