Napoleon Dynamite Napoleon Dynamite

Since 2004, fans have been asking Jon Heder if there would ever be a sequel to his cult hit Napoleon Dynamite. "We never had that in mind," says Heder, who returns, along with much of the film's cast, to voice his character for a new animated version, premiering Sunday on Fox. "We were just making a fun movie." The series — which premieres at 8:30/7:30c, followed by a second episode at 9:30/8:30c — finds the high schooler still living with his eccentric grandma and unemployed older brother, Kip, still hanging out with pal (and class president) Pedro and crush Deb.

For Heder, voicing his most well known role was like "stepping right back into those old shoes, especially having the rest of the cast there." And unlike the breakneck pace of the film, Heder now has time to really dig into the role. "Just doing six episodes of this I've never explored more emotions in Napoleon or different nuances in the voice and levels and tones," he says. "It's like creating almost another voice, but hopefully sounding like the original." Sweet!

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