Nancy Grace Nancy Grace

It was the talk of the Dancing With the Stars ballroom Tuesday night, even though no one was sure exactly what had happened on Monday, when talk show host Nancy Grace blushed after her quick step with pro Tristan McManus and, standing with host Tom Bergeron in front of the judges, quickly re-adjusted her low-cut bronze gown over her right breast. 

It happened so fast that the studio audience didn't react at all. And Grace insists that nothing happened, and nothing important was revealed. We put some burning questions to executive producer Conrad Green, who has been extremely careful about possible wardrobe fiascos since Season 1, when Kelly Monaco's dress strap broke during a dance and she had to finish by holding up her bodice.

TV Guide Magazine: First of all, was there a wardrobe malfunction?
Conrad Green: I'm not entirely sure what any of us saw. As a precaution we cut away, because you can't tell. You see a shade of something, but you're not sure what it is. I know that Nancy was wearing what we call "petals," which are essentially nipple covers. And also, the lining of her dress was brown. So we're not sure what it was, but it was an instinct thing, so we cut away.

TV Guide Magazine: Are there any other wardrobe safeguards in place?
Green: When in doubt, and ever since Janet Jackson [who famously and unintentionally flashed her breast at the 2004 Super Bowl after Justin Timberlake ripped off her bustier jacket], [the dancers] wear the petals, and we have the five second tape delay. We're always very on it.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you employ the tape delay on Monday night?
Green: For the East coast, yes, we did. That's why we cut away to people watching, because we weren't sure. But when we got to the West coast, we fixed it, we made sure the shots were fine. I'm not entirely sure what any of us saw. But I do know that she was wearing the petals for protection. So all of our systems worked.

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