Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz

Here's something we never thought we'd write. Outspoken legal commentator Nancy Grace and rapper and pot aficionado 2 Chainz had a discussion about marijuana. And it was every bit as entertaining as you might expect.

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On Grace's HLN series Nancy Grace, the fiery talking head invited the artist behind the song "I Luv Dem Strippers" to engage in a lively debate over the merits of marijuana legalization. While Grace pointed to parents who've been busted for letting their tyke toke, 2 Chainz addressed issues of taxpayer money and medical benefits. Meanwhile, Facebook posts from viewers that were displayed onscreen appeared to be overwhelmingly in favor of legalization.

During the course of their discussion, and Grace also recited some 2 Chainz lyrics and uttered the words "Tity Boi," aka the rapper's former stage name. Watch the debate below and let us know who you think won: