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Get ready because starting today, we will be featuring our favorite full episodes from shows we love for your lunch-hour viewing pleasure (which often tend to show some skin - hence the Naked Lunch). Think of it as a "lunch-isode," if you will. We're kickin' things off with the sextastic episode from Season 1 of Melrose Place. And in the words of the great Aerosmith's "Love in an Elevator," Kimberly and Michael really know what it's like to be livin' it up while you're goin' down!

Episode Title: "Pas De Trois"

Season: 1

Year: 1993

Why this episode: Ummm the cracked-out Kimberly Shaw and the good doc Michael Mancini do it in an elevator. Is there really any more we need to say?

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Your take: Which episode was your favorite? Was it Kimberly ripping off her wig? Sydney stripping at Billy's bachelor party? We want to know!