Katie Cazorla Katie Cazorla

Everybody's mad in Wonderland, so Katie Cazorla should fit right in once things go awry at her own party.

On Sunday's episode of TV Guide Network's Nail Files, Katie is throwing an Alice-in-Wonderland-themed soiree at The Painted Nail to celebrate its third birthday and the addition of a hair-and-make-up salon. But as one would expect from any journey down the rabbit hole, strange things happen.

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Dressed as Alice herself, Katie encounters oddball Wonderland denizens such as the Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar and even a Real Housewife (who isn't fictional, but part of her is fake!). And when Katie's siblings arrive, her night seems complete.

Unfortunately, Katie's party wanders into Blunder-land when a photo booth snafu ticks her off. And that's just the beginning ...

Check out the tea party gone wrong on this sneak peek of Sunday's Nail Files, airing at 9/8c on TV Guide Network: