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Grab your purse dog, call your gal pals and break out the bubbly. TV Guide Network's Nail Files is back!

On Sunday's Season 2 premiere (9/8c), The Painted Nail owner Katie Cazorla has more than a gel manicure on her hands when she has to deal with a nail tech who isn't getting along with the rest of her staff.

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"Lisa is a nightmare; she really is," Cazorla tells TVGuide.com. "She does some really great mani-pedis, but her social skills aren't there. She'll say and do crazy things that make all the girls threaten to walk out. She says crazy things to the customers. She's like Roseanne Barr with multiple personalities. You never know what you're going to get."

Dealing with unruly, bickering employees is only part of the drama on the second season of Nail Files. It's the third year The Painted Nail has been in business, and Cazorla's entrepreneurial ambitions have only grown to include expanding her boutique services, selling a line of branded nail accessories and attempting to open a franchise location in South Beach. As always, along for the ride is Grammy-winning producer, long-suffering fiancé and voice of reason Walter Afanasieff, who sticks with Cazorla despite, and perhaps because of, the wacky things she does and says.

Check out seven ways that Nail Files' Cazorla nails it in the second season:

1. Katie unleashes the sweetness. "Our dog Sugar died last year, and so our other dog Pookie is grieving," Cazorla explains. "So I said, 'We need to get him a friend.' I think that having dogs prevents having children, so the more dogs we have, the less kids I never have to have. Our new dog is from East Valley Animal Shelter. He's so sweet and has the same characteristics as Sugar, that we named him Dolce, which means 'sweet' in Italian. Not for Dolce & Gabbana, which people are saying. I'm like, 'Uh, no. I'm not going to name my dog after an Italian brand.'"

2. Katie goes green — and glam. "I love Smart Cars. I think they're adorable and super-cute and great for the environment," says Cazorla. "Since people are always looking at them, I felt like, 'Why not put some marketing on my car?' So I decided to get my car wrapped and put pretty eyelashes on it and with lipstick to match the rims. So when you look at it, it's like a little cartoon on wheels and a little advertisement for my store."

3. Katie knows no shame. The former stand-up comic just can't help saying outrageous things like, "Even though Walter is not getting an ASCAP award, I'm definitely going to let him cap that ass later," or "Lisa is like sand in my vagina."

4. Katie puts the smackdown on haters. In trying to open up a franchise location of The Painted Nail in Florida, Cazorla runs into ladies with a different business sensibility. "These are girls with strong personalities. They're like, 'Well, if you open a Painted Nail, we're going to kick your ass.' ... I was like, 'I'm going to kill somebody!' It was really, really annoying."

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5. Katie learns an automotive lesson. "I submitted something to maybe manage something at a children's pageant, and they were like, 'Oh my God, we want you to be a celebrity judge,'" says Cazorla. "What better way to do marketing than to drive my Smart Car to Las Vegas with my best friend to go judge this pageant? It was like Meltdown City, USA. Driving a Smart Car four to five hours through a desert, the car shakes when I go 80 miles per hour. It was exhausting, and my ass and legs were numb by the time I got there. Smart Cars are not for Vegas, but just buzzing around town in."

6. Katie and pageant parents don't mix. "The mothers take it very seriously, and I felt bad for a lot of the kids that you can tell did not want to be there," says Cazorla. "I just think that you shouldn't spray-tan a baby in a diaper. Something about that just weirds me out. A spray tan is chemicals. Babies don't know how to hold their noses and their breath and close their eyes. They were squirming all over.... some families were amazing, and some families were out of control and awful. They were really mean to me."

7. Katie goes down the rabbit hole. "I opened a hair and make-up bar in The Painted Nail, and to celebrate, we did an Alice in Wonderland theme party," Cazorla says. "It had oversized mushrooms, giant furniture and then super-teeny-tiny furniture. We had a super-tiny VIP section with three little baby queen thrones and then a tiny little baby-sized cocktail table and velvet rope. Then we had a caterpillar smoking hookah and little cakes that had "Eat Me" on them. You drank your drink out of teacups, and there were shirtless bartenders with bowties and bunny ears on. I dressed like Alice."

Nail Files returns to TV Guide Network on Sunday with two back-to-back episodes beginning at 9/8c.

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