Whose Line Is It Anyway? standout Wayne Brady — who launches his own ABC variety series, The Wayne Brady Show, tonight at 8 pm/ET — had an ulterior motive when he asked his good pal, 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, to drop in for the debut.

"I have to admit — and this is without any shame whatsoever — I'm a huge 'N Sync fan," the 29-year-old Emmy nominee confesses to TV Guide Online. "I just love the music. I love the pop stuff. I don't like a lot of the groups, but I love them."

Apparently, the feeling is mutual. As Brady recalls, Britney Spears's dreamy beau RSVP'd to his special invite on the spot. "I said, 'Look, you know I'm doing this show. I don't know if you're touring, doing another music video... But if you're free... ' [And he replied] 'Yes.' It was that fast. 'Yes, I am.'"

In the hour-long premiere, Brady, Timberlake and fellow singer Brian McKnight belt out an impromptu love song to an unsuspecting — and embarrassed — audience member. So harmonious was the trio's all-improv collaboration that Brady is already planning the reunion. "I've got Justin and Brian and a couple of guys from All-4-One, and we're all working on songs," he reveals. "We'll hopefully put a CD together for release next year."

Could such a project be Timberlake's way of testing the waters for his inevitable solo career? Brady isn't saying, but the versatile performer does offer this not-so-bold prediction: "That's the guy to be on the lookout for after the 'N Sync thing is finished."