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Twitter Loved Hillary Clinton's Surprise Cameo in the Murphy Brown Premiere

LOL "experience with emails"

Lindsay MacDonald

To say people were stoked about the Murphy Brownrevival would be putting it lightly, but we're not sure if even the craziest of fans were prepared for what actually went down in the premiere. Namely: Hillary Clinton's surprise cameo!

After a trying day dominated by the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, it was refreshing to turn on the new Murphy Brown and sink back into the good old days only to then see Hillary Clinton interviewing as a secretarial candidate, of all things. We see what you did there, Candice Bergen and Co.

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Clinton's character, Hilary Clinton -- spelled with only one 'L' -- poked fun at her resemblance to the former presidential candidate before going on to list her qualifications for the job as Murphy Brown's secretary. "For four years I was the secretary ... of a very large organization," she said, tongue firmly in cheek. She also managed to work in some references to her campaign mottos and her experience with emails.

*Insert uncontrollable laughter here*

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Needless to say, Twitter was more than shocked (and way more than pleased) to see Clinton make this surprise cameo.

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