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Murder Hornets Take Over Late-Night TV

Jimmy Fallon even got the first televised interview with one

Allison Picurro

As if we needed one more thing to worry about, murder hornets have come to the U.S. They've already been responsible for killing bees, and Jimmy Fallon put it best on last night's episode of The Tonight Showwhen he said, "If a worldwide pandemic can't keep you inside, introducing... murder hornets."

Naturally, Fallon wasn't the only late-night host presenting a take on the giant hornets that are out to terrorize the bee population -- though he was the only one who actually scored an interview with one. Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel also quipped about them in their monologues, while Stephen Colbert unveiled a brand new hornet-filled trailer for the sequel to Jerry Seinfeld's Bee Movie. (OK, the trailer isn't real, but we can pretend.)

Take a look at how the hosts handled the latest, and strangest, element of our news cycle.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Fallon got the real scoop of the night by scoring the first-ever televised interview with a murder hornet, where he was able to clear up a few of the rumors surrounding his community. "They're saying beekeeper suits can't even protect humans from your stingers, though," Fallon said. "Beekeeper suits also don't protect you from drowning," the murder hornet pointed out. "But I don't hear you calling the ocean 'murder water.'"

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon airs on weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on NBC.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Jerry Seinfeld is Murder Hornet. A sinister sequel to Bee Movie definitely would not be the weirdest thing to happen recently!

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert airs weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on CBS.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

"I want to go back to the days where the craziest animal thing was keyboard cat," an increasingly panicked Noah said. "Murder hornets? It sounds like someone is just combining the scariest words."

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Meanwhile, Kimmel summed it up pretty simply: "Looks like we're never leaving our house again."

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs on weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on ABC.