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Is Det. Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) getting too close to her case on TNT's Murder in the First?

On last week's episode, Hildy shared a romantic(?) date — not to mention a steamy makeout session — with chief murder suspect Erich Blunt (Tom Felton). Was it all really just a ploy to get Erich's DNA (talk about Hildy being a real gumshoe!), or is there an actual attraction there?

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"I definitely think there's an element of Erich that [Hildy] is drawn to and that she's sort of fascinated by," Robertson tells TVGuide.com ahead of Monday's episode (10/9c, TNT). "This woman is a cop. She lives the life that she lives, and ... to be all of a sudden pursued by a guy like that, of course it's sort of fascinating and titillating. There's that moment when they show up at the restaurant, and he has the champagne brought over for her. She's like, 'Oh, this is kind of cool. This is kind of interesting. I've never had this before.' So, yeah, I think there's a certain rush, and she definitely kind of gets off on that."

According to Robertson, Hildy's too good at her job to let the dynamic between her and Blunt cloud her professional judgment. But there's something about him that strikes a chord in her.

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"Whether she would take it to the point of actually being in a relationship with somebody like that, I don't know," Robertson says. "[But] the proximity to somebody like that has an extreme high to it, and I think she embraces it."

At this point, Erich's motives are also unclear. It's no secret that he's a master manipulator who can't be trusted — and who isn't accustomed to taking no for an answer. But is his attraction to Hildy genuine, or is he merely trying to keep his friends close and his enemies closer?

As more unsavory things about Erich come to light in Monday's episode, it becomes more apparent than ever that Hildy should probably confine their cat-and-mouse game to an interrogation room, regardless of whatever sparks (real or feigned) may be flying between them. 

Murder in the First airs Mondays at 10/9c on TNT. Catch up on episodes here.