Women's Murder Club by Andrew Southam/ABC Women's Murder Club by Andrew Southam/ABC

The end of the strike doesn't mean good news for everyone, mind you. ABC's Women's Murder Club, whose fate seems super-iffy, has let go of three executive producers, including co-creators/co-showrunner Elizabeth Craft - says the Reporter. (Ausiello might want to revisit that "less than 0.015 percent chance of survival" mentioned in today's fresh AA.)

Another of the net's freshman offerings, Big Shots, is "not expected to continue," says the trade. But, reports my dream, Charisma is being spun off onto her own show: "The Comely Stranded Motorist."

" Ask Ausiello: "I'm almost afraid to ask: What's happening to our beloved Angie Harmon and Women's Murder Club?"