Whitney Port, The City Whitney Port, The City

MTV has renewed freshman reality spin-offs The City and Daddy's Girls for second seasons, sure to be replete with more drama, fashion and fabulousness.

Since the series' launches this winter, their respective leading ladies have spearheaded careers in fashion and acting, encountered new "friends" and a plethora of cute boys. Since Whitney Port left LC, Audrina and the crew back in The Hills, she's stepped up as part of super-designer Diane von Furstenberg's company, kicked it with scruffy, seductive Aussie musician Jay and learned that you can't trust everyone you meet on the streets of New York.

On Daddy's Girls, meanwhile, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, the daughters of MTV's Rev. Run, move from Run's House in New Jersey to the sunny shores of Los Angeles. They, too, are pursuing big dreams — and new guys.

MTV has also green-lit a third spin-off, Teen Cribs, for 20 episodes. The show debuted Jan. 17 as a special that, like its predecessor, features lavish homes — but for the upwardly-mobile teen set.

Which of these MTV shows will you watch? Is there such a thing as "spin-off spin-out"?